Spatio-Temporal Complexity in Optical Fibers

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The scope of the workshop is to present the latest advances in the physics and technology of advanced optical fibers, including optical rogue and extreme waves, shock waves, speciality fibers, supercontinuum generation, fiber laser arrays, mode coupling effects in multimode fibers for spatial multiplexing, novel modulation formats..

Invited speakers and titles:

J. Dudley (Besançon): Real time measurements of Rogue Wave Generation and Control
J. Fatome (Dijon): Self-organization of polarization state in optical fibers for telecommunication applications
Ph. Russell (Erlangen): Recent developments on spatio-temporal effects in gas-filled and nanostructured optical fibres
J.D. Ania-Castanon (Madrid): Ultralong Raman lasers in optical fiber sensing
N. Akhmediev (Canberra): Fermi-Pasta-Ulam recurrence in optical fibres
M. Santagiustina (Padova): Unconventional processing functions through dynamic Brillouin gratings in optical fibers
A. Picozzi (Dijon): Optical wave turbulence
A. Barthelemy (Limoges): Complexity in coupled fiber laser arrays
C. Finot (Dijon): Nonlinear shaping in optical fibers
D. Faccio (Edinburgh): Resonant radiation and shock-front induced instabilities
F. Baronio (Brescia): Rogue Waves in Multi-Component Systems
S. Boscolo (Aston): Recent progress on optical pulse shaping and waveform generation in fibre-based systems
G. Genty (Tampere): Cascaded four-wave mixing in nonlinear fiber optics
C. Corbari (Southampton): Advances in single-mode poled fibres
S. Residori (Nice): Optical rogue waves in multimode systems
F. Leo (Gent): Dynamical instabilities of the 1D Kerr cavity soliton
N. Kutz (Seattle): Machine learning methods for engineering self-tuning optical systems
C. Conti (Rome): Nonlinearity and disorder induced localization, theory and experiments
G. Millot (Dijon): Role of incoherence on the formation and suppression of dissipative rogue waves in a passive fiber cavity
L. Palmieri (Padova): Mode coupling effects in few-mode optical fibres
F. Biancalana (Edinburgh): Review of new nonlinear phenomena in hollow-core photonic crystal fibers
S. Pissadakis (Heraklion): Plasmonic and Resonating Optical Operations inside MOFs and PCFs
S. Kozlov (St. Petersburg): Features of self-action of single-cycle optical pulses
D. Giannone (Potsdam): Optical fibre arrays for 3D spectroscopy in astronomy and other applications
Ph. Grelu (Dijon): Complex short-pulse dynamics in fiber lasers
V. Couderc (Limoges): Spectral and temporal shaping of largeband subnanosecond pulses for CARS imaging and biological diagnosis applications
M. Onorato (Torino): Hydrodynamic Rogue Waves
M. Shtaif (Tel Aviv): Nonlinear propagation in multi-mode fibers with random mode coupling
S. Coen (Auckland): Temporal cavity solitons: ultra-weak acoustic interactions, dispersive waves, and Kerr frequency combs
M. Peccianti (Montreal): Route to integrated ultrafast optical clocks
A. Cucinotta (Parma): Single Mode Photonic Crystal Fibers for High Power Lasers and Amplifiers
D. Skryabin (Bath): Dispersive waves and solitons: novel and not so novel effects

In addition to invited presentations, the workshop is open to poster presentations, preferably by PhD students, postdocs and early career researchers.

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The deadline for poster submission is June 15th, 2013. Poster Submission is now closed

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The final deadline for workshop registration is August 1st, 2013.